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How to kill tapeworm?

How to kill tapeworm?Edit

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You use 3 000 mg of Coenzyme Q10 (3 grams) at once or up to 4 grams if you're heavyweight or tall. I was afraid and scarred to take so much at once, but I've done it, because: you won't die from it and nothing actually would happen (very very slightly "high" you can feel at max.). I've done it and "nothing happened". You must ensure that you're "supplement" only contains pure coenzyme without any "extras" like caffeine or others.

You would find probably tapeworm in your stool after 2 days after taking the dose.

How to know you've got tapeworm?
You can find, occasionally tapeworm segments in the stool: [tapeworm #1], [tapeworm #2]. They look like a "rice" in your stool.

Please again watch to don't eat again: undercooked meat and dairy products to avoid reinfecting yourself.

You've got more information in the article: Extreme Tiredness? Feeling Tired.

BTW. After usage of 3000mg coenzyme q10 my sight has improved drastically.

You should also do parasite cleanse (as whole), to clear yourself from over 100 parasites (more information under the article above, part III).

I've done, a better understanding of the parasite problem.

parasites won't kill youwould kill you in the longterm or at least make your life a nightmare ? they would suck you off energy and ocasionally toxicize you with products of their metabolism
they need food, they need to urinate (excrements); treat them as a "friend" who take part of your money every paycheck (20-50%); would you willing to give somebody this kind of share?
they do that in the hidden way (take it as a metaphor of a country your live); some countries take more taxes, some less and do it in the hidden way (everytime you sell you pay VAT, everyone

pays, INCOME tax, Hidden TAXES and payments; they all build up - like parasites are summing up the bigger loss of your energy, mood and will to live [like e.g. protozoa parasite])

Parasite problem is very serious, because they would change your life and cause several painful symptoms.

You can experience e.g. periodical 'attacks'. If you went to a doctor you've already on psychotropic drugs, because it "sit's in your head". Yes, it sits, but not mentally (did you accepted that he's perceiving you as a person with 'mental problems' [psychic]?). Yes, you know it now. The problem is parasite living in your head which causes that symptoms by intoxicating you by products of his metabolism (so you feel periodical attacks). I've also discovered (on myself) that "attacks" (they could be different, similar to the ones you've got when you catch a bacteria or a virus, so you can think it's sickness) are often caused only in the night. When you're working all day you're not having them (never experienced any on day). It seems that parasites (in large quantities; at least some of them) are making they're life-keeping things when you're on sleep. This information may be hard for you to accept on the beginning, but as you would discover in very fast time (when you start to see things) ? nothing is more far than the truth.

Parasite is also the causation of many diseases e.g. tinnitus (leading to Meniere's Disease). Conventional medicine treats only symptoms that cause that (removing the cause = lost of patient). I'm quite aware of the fact that 95% are unconscious of the scam and take part in it.

Here I would put the whole rest information with my experiences in thoughts over the cleanse (not ready yet; text in preparation; it would be available with everything when I would finish all the cleanse). Millions of people did it before, so you would be the next one.

---- PART II

(from: #parasites)
You must also do ascaris/tapeworm mop-up program (the one below), as those bugs can (& probably are) present in your mind which q10 enzyme doesn't reaches & you would painfully get to let it know (as me) in the future when you would be reinfected again, after short time. It leads to conditions like #brain_tumor which may be lethal. However, more disturbing is the feeling of having bugs all-over-yourself.


I need to tell honestly that I didn't had money on q10 ascaris/tapeworm resistant stages & NOW (at moment of writing this) I'm suffering with a #brain_tumor condition-like stage. Pressure on my mind is just insane. When I've used q10 enzyme in dosage described above (3,000mg at once) my condition has improved dramatically (& NOT from the "high" - sense of higher energy that you've got for 5 days straight). Just from passing tapeworms in stools...

However, tapeworm in the brain have left, leaving me again with tapeworm in intestines & with painful headaches & sense of I'm-all-bugged, which is the most worst thing you can have (believe me).

SO, go for this treatment (l-cysteine + ozonator), described below the table in the: #parasites and have peace with it once and for all! Believe me, that its worth the money to be spent. At least for me. In my order of priority health has the #1 significance. Edit

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Comment · pm2  · 4 years ago
<AndyPSV> I've wrote more in comments, under this paragraph:
http://path-of-power.com/extreme-tiredness-feeling-tired,1#magnesium & did product
recommendation which I've used, if you're interested...
<AndyPSV> I've used today 2nd time (after 0.5 year break), again 3,000mg at a single dose of pure Q10
(puritans) on 73kg of my weight and I must say effects are good. I've had an little high, but I just
feel fine & energetic. However it's not that you could do it (use) everyday.
<AndyPSV> If you're big, weight around 90-100kg it's advised to increase the dosage to 4000mg; you take all of
it "at once" (dose)
<AndyPSV> It's gone right now
<AndyPSV> I've had it :] – Anonymous author  3 years ago · Reply
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