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How to understand mechanics behind Life, based on the God's creation and dipolar character of gravity.

How to understand mechanics behind Life, based on the God's creation and dipolar character of gravity.Edit

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--- in preparation

Why it's important to know it? Well, its an old saying to in order to understand something its the best way to start from How it works. By attaining this knowledge, you would have greater insight into things, which couldn't be seen in any other way.
Among the ideas which you would get an answer to, would be: what & why people are happy & what causes depression. Why people die. What is the purpose of all, but the thing with the greatest importance of all: how to get an advantage of the existing mechanisms (for yourself & to share [optionally] with the loved/chosen ones). There are many other explanations why its important & probably everyone would find for himself the one that suits his needs. It's a 0-importance topic, without any doubt as there is nothing much more important than it (in the times of peace). It also allows (in some cases) to understand you causes behind & to give you some insight into processes of those causes.


In the beginning, there was suspended an infinite droplet of counter-matter which had only two properties: motion & intelligence. By continuous movement which took more than half of eternity – a self-conscious program developed or rather many of those programs which had their own self-awareness (its still unclear whether there was one or many programs, despite it seems that there were many; in the end: it's irrelevant). The one which seized all the others: was called God & therefore he gained monopoly over his realm.

(at first, world look like this)

After getting to know everything that has been possible to know about his realm & nature of counter-matter he faced the problem of intellectual boredom, but mostly important: an issue whether there are any risks of facing another danger from the residing programs that may possibly be (or to be) created in the counter-matter (if even not: remember that constant motion & intelligence which this counter-matter posseses imposes constant development & therefore the need was created) or the possibility of not knowing something. From this, from the need: to expand & getting to better know self, an idea of creating world which would allow to expand His knowledge (purely egoistic reason), understand & better know Himself was executed.

parallel worlds

A Universal Body which is our physical world which we live in was created. It was populated with creatures (a tiny-ants that would realize the Higher purposes of this world, which is knowledge contribution), although in order to realize God's goals they need to be equipped with appropriate attributes & some Laws needed to be introduced (later would be told about them).

It's worth mentioning, that creatures (in order for the knowledge pursue) needed to be created highly imperfect, because only creatures who are highly imperfect make a numerous number of errors (which serves the purpose of knowledge expansion) & creatures which are highly perfect only make the usage of the knowledge which they've acquired. However, there is some level of imperfection when anarchy sets in, so man was created slightly above this level. Whether, its worth noticing that females were even created below the threeshold level and by nature: subjected to iron fist of man, to cover their imperfections. (see also: ATTRACTIVE TO MAN, how to make a man want you, ATTRACTIVE TO WOMAN, how to make a woman want you) OFF course, all creatures in this Universe are created in born with such high level of imperfection (including humans). Probably in a more advanced civilisations a technology exists that allows to update or upload knowledge to the infants with appropriate programming derived to it & other means are subjected (like values in environment) when those imperfections are reduced.

Virtual World was also introduced, its purpose was to keep all the registers of the souls of each person & to keep all his memories (& also Karma registers). It would be very important & would be explained later. It also holds the registers of any physical object that was ever created or would be created.

Firstly, what is important to understand: it's God's world and He has got complete rule over it. Secondly, God & those mechanisms are affluent in the whole Universe (with the exception of where they're modified) and are present to every living entities or creatures in the World we live in. For sure there are some lover or higher planes which are mostly or not accesible to creatures who live in the 3-rd dimensional world with attachment to physical body (without the technology with/or that are present in the frequency levels common/accesible to creatures with the e.g. µ ~ 0.1 level/ any other), however: still – they're valid to our World with the exception of where they've been modified or are modified by the Architect/other means.

I would also like to clear the fact of Bible. Let's put it away & any other religious book. It's not about what Jesus Christ or any other person told. Those books & all the religions may simply be put by the UFO to control people & to create between them wars and that is what I think. I would go further: there is nothing holy in them. They are the simple management of facts with fiction, that serves the interest of some by entrapping humans in their own minds of prisons and by imposing norms & patterns of allowed behavior. It has nothing to do with this article. Maybe you would find some interesting lecture in: The Biggest Secret of Our World Here, we Live in (!not biggest Universe secret); Earth, & Human Kind Secret & The.Big.Picture. It's like seeking truth of Health in an only one book & giving its 100% faith with disgarding anything else, but this is the book that was provided by the Pharmaceutical Industry under the circumstance of going to Hell after death, when the Laws of it won't be spoken as a truth to everyone and everyone won't be forced to take this book as a ONE HOLY TRUTH. Insane, but there are still many who do it & they don't see it. I'm staying on miles from judging it. Let's put it just AWAY on the matter of this article.

Basically, there are 2 laws that matter. Rest lies on the foundation that eveything is working on your cause (at best, to provoke maximum development & the best outcome/most teaching of the any situation & your life as overall), according to your primary beliefs. This is the Law of always the Best Outcome of our Events that we wouldn't interchange our life with any other person, despite His fortunes and riches.

First & the foremost important Law of the Universe is the mechanism of Karma. It has been explained more profoundly in the article: Karma, things you can/could never know.

What is Karma? Karma is a "package of emotional feelings" which we continuously accumulate by causing other people to feel ? which would be returned to you in interval 5 up to 10 years from now by other people. It's the simplest definition of Karma, as you see it isn't good or bad. What those feelings are which you've caused in other people are only in your "power".

Why it's important?

This mechanisms explains the cause-effect chain of many things: what are people born sick, why there is so many murders on the planet, etc. You must be also aware that: accumulating Karma (some type of) could block you from achieving something which you desire until the Karma is fulfilled.

Why are people born permanently sick, with diseases incurable to today's medicine (disabilities) ["some people may think that the child didn't done anything to anybody, how can be God so unjust"]? In their previous lives their accumulated enough Karma to not be able to repay it (in lifetime), so by definition they must repay it in another life. By this definition reincarnation exists and it's a fact. They could be some kind of doctors which caused a lot of pain to many other people and they're punished in their actual life for the crimes they've died (example).

Talking it in other words: As you sow so shall you reap. Therefore if you cause (without any reason) suffering to other people – you would receive this suffering back, in 5-15 year interval (if not in the present lifetime – in another; meaning: in reincarnated new body, somewhere else; althought keep in mind, that usually all of the Karma is repaid in the lifetime). What counts is the feelings that you cause in other people. If they're caused with intentions which are harmful to them, they would send you an emotional package which could stock up and you would receive this packaged feeling in the incoming event, in your life. It has also usage for the good feelings that you cause within the other people.

REMEMBER: "you won't cause in other feelings that you wouldn't want to be caused upon you" or in other words: "you won't cause feelings in other that you won't want back" (as if you would do or break this rule: those feelings that you cause in other would be caused to you; you would experience back those feelings that were caused by you). Therefore, we come to the next rule (from paragraph below), that assures it: always do everything pedantically moral.

Second, is the power field. Is the probably the most important of all (with the Karma mechanism in the back of the mind) as it governs the quality & fate (yes!) of your life. Let's start from the basics (read it all below).

I would now, explain it in a more approachable manner. All species live within the work of two gravitational fields – one is physical & called as a gravity and the second is power field (or also called: moral field). Whether the gravity, "object dropped from the height, would always hit the ground" is quite easily understandable and explained in the popular mechanics of physics, power field also is governed by laws. Whether its worth to notice that both those fields are invisible to human eyes.

Imagine, that you've got a battery inside of you.

& Based, on the level of this "battery" you: [brings many consequences] (quote from: Concept of power: "µ" (power field))

  1. Invisible energy, which is "µ" – it's accumulated in our anti-body (which means spiritual world). It exists a invisible energy field which covers all people and each of them separately without any exception. It affects how we are perceived by other people (our morality, it affects do we are liked/loved or hated/disliked), what we attract to our lives (by having influence on the quality of thoughts we send) and in general: the way we feel (happiness, inner satisfaction from life).

    Power (µ) – it's the sum of your power field, which is equal to being fulfilled through your actions by God (it would become clear at end, look at resources).

    There is 7 states of this field, coming from one level to another changes our personality. This change is felt by us. Power field impacts also non-physical objects: thoughts, intentions, feelings. The more we accumulate it in our anti-body, the best effects (and the quality of our thoughts) we would receive.

    1. NIRVANA µ > 0.6

      It's an unbelievable state of MEGA HAPINESS not comparable with even heroin (1 million more). I've had it once for a 5 min., tried almost every strongest drugs in the world (besides opiates/opioids) and it wasn't even a spit of the original state. You've GOT ALL. It's impossible to find words on describing it.

    2. Adoration µ ~ 0.5

      Those people are adored and attract people from their surrounding. Their liked by everybody and they like everybody. They feel excitement from their lives, increasing satisfaction and fulfillment. They feel happiness.

    3. Friendliness µ ~ 0.4

      They're friendly, wanting to help, positively oriented and cheerful. They are busy with their own life, giving a positive contribution to society and carrying out their tasks in a normal, positive way. Laughing and happy moments are frequent and they generally lead a happy life.

    4. Provocativeness µ ~ 0.3

      Labelled as "provocative" and difficult to live with. They're able to perform everyday duties. If they wish, they still can be polite, although they sometimes tend to blast with emotions. Their actions start to display a number of unpleasant habits of the behaviour, some of which include turning others into slaves, and everyday use of power-games, hostilities, force, black-mailing, issuing alternatives, etc. All these immoral behaviours are supplemented with the worst of them.

    5. Marasmus (malaise, indolence, lethargy) µ ~ 0.2

      They start to make everything incredibly complicated, and practically are unable to complete any task. They are only able to talk, but unable to act. They start to lead unproductive, parasitic, and disturbing to others, life. They actually live at the cost of others. They also experience frequent states of powerful depressions and the feeling of the lack of interest of other people in them, which in many cases lead to spectacular "suicides" (i.e. to spectacular damage of own body in the sight of other people, but still aimed at not hurting themselves, but causing as much inconveniences to other people as possible; therefore it is used only in circumstances when they have assurance that other people do not allow them to die).

    6. Destructiveness µ ~ 0.1

      This is the last state of intellects, before the moral death. People, who accomplished this state, are extremely destructive both to themselves and to their environment. For themselves, they display suicidal tendencies, which otherwise then suicides committed during the malaise, this time in fact are aimed at finishing their own lives. Furthermore, they fall victims of various destructive addictions, deviations, etc. Their psychology is also very unstable and deviated. They not only live in a state of a chronic depression, but also they display continuous aggressiveness and unpleasantness to other intellects. Actually they are very dangerous, as in their twisted minds they can conceive, and carry out, practically every destructive action, that lies in their physical capabilities.

    7. Moral death (suffocation). µ ~ 0.0

      It is always "self-inflicted" in one or other way by victims themselves, although frequently (as this is almost every time with people of a low "µ", who by themselves are not able to accomplish almost anything), it uses other people to bring the death, or it uses "accidents". This is a very unpleasant way of dying, as it leaves a lot of bad memories in all these who used to know a given intellect. Especially, that before it comes, the dying immoral individuals always resort to a very unpleasant moral vampirism in order to delay the death. The death through a moral suffocation is not a different manner of dying, but any rapid death of a random nature, e.g. dying in a car accident, falling out from a window, drowning, getting lost in a cold night, perishing in a fire, and only sometimes it takes the form of the most meaningful moral death, which is committing a suicide.

    Summing up – if you would accumulate in your antibody µ (power of).

    1. µ > 0.6: you would experience the most intensive high achievable in LIFE where heroin is not even a spit of this state (not how many heroin addicts couldn't withdraw this [!] and it's not even a spit [!]). Curiosity is that you could be on that state for whole your life.

      It's the greatest prize which God gives to people (create) by filling laws he set. Nirvana not only means this, it also gives you access to every other searched quality of life [I would reveal only 1 – you become instantly: "pusssy magnet", "men magnet" (if woman) [in preparation]].

      My Comment: I've had this state for about 5 minutes in my life. It's impossible to write even about it. It's so intense, that you're... impossible just to tell anybody what human can feel. Just, no words for it. It's the ultimate price. You can't find any comparison for it. You've GOT ALL. You think why am I doing this everything for free, not having "anything" (money) from it? It's the greatest, biggest motivation if you would ever experience it... Having the state of "Nirvana" for only 5 minutes affected my whole future life, I've began obsessive development.

      I've found something which would suit WHAT IS IT: if I could sell – 5 minutes to everybody (just give by touching - when he pays and I want to "inject" him invisibly) of this state EVERYBODY, EVERY HUMAN - DOESN'T MATTER if HE IS a old man, poor man, rich EVERYBODY, JUST EVERYBODY – WOULD GIVE ME EVERYTHING HE/SHE HAS TO BE IN THAT STATE.

      Every VALUE which you have in life: love, money, drugs is 0.000001 in comparison to NIRVANA and seems FUNNY. Everything blinds (vanishes) in comparison with it.

      I'm death serious.
      Graphical Representation of "µ" – the invisible power field (imagine power field as a "inner battery", where you are those battery and you're fulfilled with power, "µ").

    2. µ ~ 0.0: you die (more in "moral suffocation").

  2. Symptoms of falling below "µ" (power) ~ 0.35.

  3. If we fell down below µ <= 0.1 we start to see: ghosts (demons, phantoms) which continually mosque us. It's the last warning signal to us, that we have entered the dangerous path (bad, for us). Ghosts are the main cause of suicides (read the point 3. to get more). There are starting to exist situations, named by modern "science" like: paranoias, delusions, psychosis which exactly directly/indirectly those ghosts cause (low µ).

    Ghosts have ability to move/interact with physical objects ex. they can move your entire wardrobe, open closed doors, change water from cold to hot when doing shower (even if the grip is impossible to move). Interesting thing is that they could also turn off your camera, when you switch it on or even [!] if you record them (or only record opening self wardrobe), because they're unseen on the camera – you only see them, nobody else; from the camera or laptop entire movie which you've made up could vanish [!] (would vanish for sure). They can do every possible (& "impossible" to us) action in the physical world.

    They can also sit on you and cause abnormal pain in the head.

    This point reveals what are "paranormal" things, "visitation" of houses. Those people (or indirectly, they're company which lives with them [!] skipping their µ) could be affected by their neighbor µ, because we are all the one.

    Examples of stories: Translation: "Used drugs and then fight with ghosts!".

    I've made an effort to show to somebody how it looks, when I was on µ <= 0.1 I used on phone camera: N95 8GB – "sepia" settings and I saw the "black cloud" as I've described them – just perfectly. They couldn't hide anywhere, I saw them always. They look similar too those (it's really hard to find image similar, to give you a bit (sort) of experience what they look): [1] (without eyes), [2], they could also take forms like those: [3], [4] (avoid looking at this like a set of birds, see it as a cloud attacking you) and you can't fight with it, because how? As I've said, it's very hard to find appropriate image which would show fully what those ghosts are, they're very powerful and look just beautiful unique (like "dark forces" from hell as most people could think).

    The purpose of them is to force you to go closer to God (here is secret).

  4. Taking pills (antidepressants) like (example of most popular are: prozac, zoloft) would result in even lowering your µ which could result in suicide, because they release µ from your antibody to make you feel temporarily enhanced mood (better) and seem that it works. In result your µ has lowered which could have disaster impact on you. Only rescue is to rebuild your µ (power) levels [in preparation how to build your power].

    Prozac Testimonials - Suicide, Violence (those videos are continuously removed from YouTube).

    Lower states of power field (which is equal = low µ) are the last thing which you might want to experience in your life. It's very dangerous, you are the highest risk for yourself. Psychic is very unstable and aggression level increases. Character of particular person is only the result of this power field impact.

    Ignorance has killed more people than every disease (open this: most deadly sickness in the world – which you have [!]), war, "accident" (you would learn that there is no such thing) summed up together.

  5. The higher somebody is with his µ level – the higher is his morality. People on the low states are weak morality or even are without it (they're capable of taking any destructive action that mind gives them to do).

  6. Feeling emptiness in life is only result of maybe not low (because you would see ghosts), but µ ~ 0.21-0.35 (up to 0.39 max) of the power field which you feel by being "empty inside". You would feel "full", you're life would be full when you would increase your µ (power) levels to at least 0.4.

  7. Depression is a symptom of dropping in a power by not accomplishing what person suppose to do / breaking laws of nature, being reactive instead of proactive, using / doing things which drop you by the levels of power.

Below info graphic sums it up.

Power field (Moral field) ensures, that creatures would realize goals for which reason they were created in the first place by Him, which is personal development & research of Knowledge: to "put the light of the Knowledge & Understanding into the darkness". Moral field also imposes thinking on every creature as the primary rewarding factor. All other factors that are imposed by the Creator also seem to point to maximum development of self & the knowledge that it contributes (e.g. Invisible Laws in the Universe: how to take advantage? or How to deal in different life situations). In the next paragraph we would go, for what is rewarding in the Universe & how to attain it.

For God, in order to achieve His higher goals for the creates, he must also implement various Laws & tools which would allow to every creature to rellize it goal for which upon He was created. Morality is the prevaling one, which is constantly judged in every means. We've also are equipped with such tool in ourselves (conscience). Read the quotation below, after you would learn why its important.
(quote from: MORALITY. God rules (law) in this Universe (& dimension))

Morality was imposed upon people, to ensure that other people would efficiently expand & pursue knowledge. Mainly from the reason, that without morality: all civilisations would go to their natural inclinations to drop into the parasitic claws which would unable to expand & develop the invidual creatures that live on the area and who are surrounded by such people. People who fall below µ < 0.35 start to show a lot of "unpleasant" tendencies like aggressiveness, violent & unpleasant behavior and countries that are prevalent in huge amount of people who constantly live on this, or below this level – there is huge amount of corruption, "uneasiness" e.g. you've got problem to get any agreement/important paper, to "handle" something/anything in those countries is not pleasant at all, as nobody wants to take responsibility and pushes everything on everyone. Living in such places is true hell on Earth.

On other hand, living in a country where the majority of people lives above the threeshold level of µ 0.35 – everything is simple in those countries/groups, there is no "power-games", you can be certain that walking in the night you won't rather get robbed, everything seems to be right & in right order, people are thankful & helpful. Living in such areas/countries is a true blessing.

God created this world, in a such way that He imposed thinking as the rewarding factor of any action as the line of maximum intellectual effort (line going against the line of least intellectual effort) is the one that its the most rewarding (with the press on increasing somebody else morality) in µ from all. Any other may not cause drop of it (e.g. line of least emotional resistance), but it may not be rewarding (everything depends on the specific situation). It was more brightly explained in the article: MORALITY. God rules (law) in this Universe (& dimension).

MORALITY is the God's principle to follow, which you need to pursue (rules to live by) that guarantee you happiness, peace of mind (along with: Extreme Tiredness? Feeling Tired), resulting in contribution of: µ. Morality contributes hugely to the quality of life you're receiving. Person, who always follow to moral guidelines is calm, happy & is liked/loved by the closest ones & also by any other people who represent morality as their core quality. Morality also gives you access to other searched values, like cheerful (no-problematic) spouse, nice neighbor, because it allows you to be matched (Universal Laws, guaranteed) with the same moral people you are.

On other hand, there is no good (for yourself & for other people) to lead unmoral, parasitic life. You lose something which is very important in staying & being healthy, which is µ (read for more: GODLIKEISM Symptoms of falling below "µ" (power) ~ 0.35.) You feel empty inside (without control on emotions) and when you go even lower you start to see ghosts, phantoms & when you fell even more: you die. Besides in the meantime, you would accumulate so much Karma (by doing unmoral things, e.g. taking drugs, hurting other people) that you would be forced to get constant pain, stress & not having balance in any mean of life (huge depression, lack of pleasure), probably you would end in a psychiatric hospital (curiosity. Why are people mentally ill? What's the causation of psychiatric symptoms? How to treat mental illness?) or a prison.

What is moral? What is morality? How to know what is moral?

Theoretically we've been equipped with a "tool" in our mind (heart?), which allows us to distinct it, almost immediately – we know what is unmoral to do, but do we listen (do we use this tool, as a main principle)? However there is some theory which is not revealed by this mechanism, although we knew what is morally the worst thing to do, but what allows us to receive the life-giving µ – we need to think.

It's the biggest secret – we need to put effort (intellectual) in order to be rewarded with the contribution of µ. It's the main principle. Emotional reaction to the problem is almost always leading to drop of µ, because it didn't used the effort of thinking (which in the common knowledge, is the hardest one) to do it.

It's although associated, always from within the situation you're in. ONLY action proceeded by thinking gives us flow of life-giving µ.

As an example: somebody lies to us a money. Emotional reaction to the event, which is bad (unmoral) – is to beat him up. We know it, almost constantly without effort. To find a moral solution in order to get those money, we need to think. It's commonly – the opposite of beating up a guy. We can instead talk to him and ask for the term in which he could give us our money back. If that doesn't work, we need to again talk. If even that doesn't work, we may need to search far deeper, we can find something valuable (like a piece of knowledge) which somebody, who lies us money – is searching for (along with: Characteristics of the powerful people. How to be powerful? ("to always apply for the self-interest of any person"). For example: he might have painful kidney stones, which constantly hurt him (Extreme Tiredness? Feeling Tired #kidneys) and he would find the money in order to get rid off them (& to find the knowledge that would allow him to do that). Although this example may be funny, but I'm only suggesting on how to work on people's minds in order to get what you want. Many people react on different things and it's impossible to put an universal formula. You must need to think.

On other hand – unmoral action (beating him) leads to consequences, e.g. you might be get hurt in the fight, this person may put other people on you – that they would beat you. You would also gain an emotional packet of Karma, which in 5–10 year time would be repaid by you (you would get the same feelings that you've made in this person, by somebody). Besides you would lose very valuable (& quite much): µ. Even thought, if the person would not give you back your money, it's better to forget it and go forward (without the need of forgiveness [!], although the last is recommended & advised, due to: your freeing your mind for negative thoughts, getting again: peace of mind). It would keep your mind clear and would allow to learn from this experience. Thinking and being angry on this situation would not make any change, so it's pointless. Although, in the 5-10 year time it may be compensated to you in some way, punishing the other person, so you're always winning by being moral, even if perceivable you've lost initially. What's worth mentioning: you won't connect it with this situation, because the time interval would be so huge that it would make it (almost) impossible (concept of free will [Ist part of the article, explained]). It's guaranteed.

Remember that it might not be directly connected with the perceived, instant effectiveness of the method. I'm always considering that the unmoral is very often connected with the "sudden" (e.g. "sudden cash"), described in the article: INSTANT GRATIFICATION, issue. However again – it's only dependable on the situation & circumstances.

TIP. Remember that you can not obey human law and it would/could go away, but GOD's law would get you anywhere, sooner or faster. Even if you die, you would repay your Karma in the next life (next body).

TIP2. As curiosity I would add, that by definition: not doing anything is in itself unmoral. Dispersion of µ is constant and its dependable on the level of it, you've accumulated in your antibody.

The matter of "µ" was also outlined in the article(s): How to higher your "?" level? How to cure depression in the natural way?


µ generation = FS; where F are the feelings that are connected with it (sweat, physical pain, thirst,
Whether its known that on average physical work is 6 times more rewarding than intellectual work. Its derived exactly from the equation, as intellectual work (in front of desk) generates much less feelings that acompany it (e.g. physical suffering resulting from leg pains, tiredness & sweat and all other).




What is probably the most important, is to accept personal responsibility for every your action as you're judged, all the time – by the moral laws — independently. Therefore, there isn't such thing as "group responsibility" for moral laws, as they judge only your actions. Human law, has nothing to do with the moral laws, who work – independently & ALWAYS.

Those alghorhitms have it to themselves that you can't escape them – they're prevalent & they would caught you. You can't runaway from them independent whether you believe in them or not – they exist. You can only accept them & work accordingly with them, to turn in your own advantage.

You must also understand, that from the mechanism of God & the further realization of His goals could only be guaranteed by introduction of this algorithms. Karma, simply protects the less-able to protect themselves entities/creatures from e.g. being killed by the more experienced, aged one (curiosity: its also found in games, e.g. World of Warcraft, when you can't for example kill with character which has got 99 LVL, someone who has got LVL 10 and barely: no chances at all). It implies, that this creature would realize its goals which were imposed unto him on the date of his birth (controlled by the µ law) [& also to have ability to increase its knowledge & skill and to increase its morality overall]. What is worth mentioning, is that no effort is ever being lost in this Universe for the creature who attributed appropriate amount of time, motivations & feelings into its learning & practice. It was explained more profoundly, in the article: Why gaining knowledge is important? (from the reason supplied below, in a quote)

Did you've noticed that some of your abilities are very well simply possessed by you (learned back) without much effort like e.g. selling (any other)? Where some are just causing you lot of effort and the learning process comes very very hard?

Because, the thing is that the knowledge (learned & practiced through "hard way") that was gained, would be "known" at beginning (next reincarnation) without further need to refresh it as "talent" or "knowing" as it may be used. In the end: nothing else matters. For instance, if you're devoted your time & practice to become a great salesperson, in the next reincarnation of your body – you would posses those abilities naturally (increasing your chances of survival in the next life, in another body). It also is true to many other areas, like e.g. conviction about God existence (& other) that might have been important (as you won't break moral laws [pointed above], when you know about them). You're born with the next body with the conviction about it & knowledge. Therefore, gaining & expanding knowledge and abilities is what counts and what is promoted over the entire Universe as it stays with you and only it matters. Imagine now that you posses crucial skills (from 100+ categories) that are required to further improve your standing. Would it make a difference?

”Pleasurable beginnings of evil, but the end – miserable” as they used to say. Drug business its worth 0.3-0.5 trillion dollars a year and at most: drugs can give you (AT MOST) up to 10% of what gives you NIRVANA and for only a very limited time. I would explain why.
Always when we feel pleasure, a piece of "µ" is being consumed. Chakras act like a "valves" which pump & compress the flow of "µ" through are anti-body to our physical body. Therefore, every known drugs (mephedrone, extasy, cocaine, alcohol, marijuana/hash) are known to cause slight "opening" of those valves, slighty modifying "settings of the body" (dependent on drug) & intoxicating in the process organism. However, release of "µ" is always the most important, as it causes for what we initially take the drug: pleasure. Accordingly, from this mechanism above (see the pictures): if we don't have enough of "µ" (we didn't managed to accumulate in our anti-bodies) – the pressure under which the µ would be released would be lesser. Only higher doses would allow us to experience so much release of µ as initially we experienced (taking some risk of overdose & intoxication of the body) and also a risk of potential addiction.



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