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~1 May 2016 this page/ server would terminate, forever.
Download the relevant data and back it up.


1. Download the Package.

2. Print The.Luciferian.Doctrine.pdf book on paper!

3. Burn -ALL.package using the best latest Nero Burning Rom with Disc Span option on 3 DVD mediums [[one layer only! 4.7GB]]. They would / SOLELY / remain (see last blog entry inside [in_package], for more).

It's of -utter.importance for your survival.

It has to be stated clearly that this is the / _LAST / time you've got the ability to backup this data [[print it, & burn on DVD's]]! If refused to be done immediately: it would be / —Lost / forever {check blog inside, for details/ but after, it's printed-burned -solely}.

Package includes .never-published !important materials of Anonymous_author in xernt/i/467/1/ folder & many more!

/ If you fail & are unable to download the original 3x DVD-file: use + for the VERY least: The.Luciferian.Doctrine-rePACKAGEd.v1.05X.2015.Ebook-NoGrp.rar {#mirror1[torrent], #mirrorNext (recommended) [[#0.1 hypnosis mp3 files, perpetuum-mobile.pdf blueprint etc.]] to burn on CD/ DVD.

It's the last entry.