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Kabbalistic "Bread of Shame" (explanation). How to understand the invisible schemes beyond?

Kabbalistic "Bread of Shame" (explanation). How to understand the invisible schemes beyond?Edit

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  1. The kabbalistic term of "bread of shame" would allow you to understand many of the common based schemes (invisible) which apply to everyday situations and people as basic. This knowledge could be also applied and used in business as well as on relationships (and many other schemes). Why understanding of "bread of shame" scheme is important? Because it allows (in some sense) – trough (or by) control of the (NOT ALLOWING) to create bread of shame we can set in some sense control on our future. Also by understanding some fundamental principles we can react (by knowing this information) to prevent (when there is time), causes that would be a result (outcome) of the fundamental law work.

  2. What is "bread of shame"? It's a fundamental principle which works in this world by bringing us "µ" (which we experience in: "satisfaction"), it could be summed up in simple rule: "restriction on enjoyment from an underserved gift". All rules, which apply (exempt this) and more about the "µ" and it's role (& power) you've got in the article: GODLIKEISM Concept of power: "µ" (power field), GODLIKEISM Symptoms of falling below "?" (power) ~ 0.35, also: GODLIKEISM How to higher your "?" level? How to cure depression in the natural way? (implementation: What is the true source of happiness in life?.

    In relationships or business this term could be used to: "the other side is only taking, not giving" and then the "bread of shame" is being created.

  3. If I would explain it in theoretical base only you would probably not understand the whole concept, so let's start from life story (which really happened) and I was questioned for a help.

    When I was imprisoned in a hospital (psych.) a older man approached me and asked why he can't talk anymore with his wife and in his house they're only brawls and why he started to drink alcohol to make things embrace (however it sounds).

    Well, the only reason why he had problems in his house and in some point, something has "not seem to work" like in old times, was the creation of imbalance in the bread of shame (kabbalistic) between the couple (him & his wife).

    Look at the picture.

    bread of shame

    When the one of the partners puts more energy than the partner and does it in longterm, the imbalance of power starts to arise. Treat it as a game: she does you bed +1% to the energy (of her). When you reach the magical 3/7 ratio (30% to 70% in energy put into the relationship) or better 1:2.x something starts to break, things start to crash, but it's the warning signal.

    If the imbalance would not be compensated by him (on the picture) beyond the quarrels and disturbance in the relationship, her would start to subconsciously seek (but on this stage it would only be warning for the partner) another person who would make her (give more than he from the relationship or rather compensate her this imbalance).

    Where if HE would not compensate the energy flow by taking her into e.g. restaurant or buying flowers, making to her something which would increase the actual imbalance, the relationship would result in separation.

    You must do the actual work to compensate the energy flow if you want to stay in that scheme. It's a reason why kids left their parents and often hate them (bread of shame has grown so much, that they're not able to compensate it). It's often the only thing which causes disturbance in any area: "taking more than you put".

    Another situation when the imbalance is created is e.g.: How to know you've being betrayal by husband / wife? How to make sure you won't be betrayed after the wedding? (you can observe it by partner trying to make some sort of compensation to don't break the natural flow of power).

    The example was shown on the relationships as the most imaginative for the reader, but it applies applies to any other category e.g. like business.

    PROLOGUE. The person who asked me for help told me that I've give him much more knowledge that every psychiatrist ever, he returned to his wife and probably lives with her well, because he never phoned me again. By understanding this very simple scheme he applied it to his life and his life had become free of disturbances and alcohol (which he drank to handle with the whole situation). He didn't have a clue what caused the quarrels and all problems in his relationship before.

  4. Bread of shame is also strongly connected with the fulfillment and enjoyment from life, because when you're actually repaying it – the generation of "µ" occurs (when the physical altitude towards the object of work plays major role – it must be pleasurable work for you). The illumination occurs when more enjoyment brings you giving than receiving
    and when you change your nature from reactive (focused on taking) on proactive (focused on giving) to become as one with the Creator.

    When you constantly seek the "µ" (power), by asking question: "where is the bread of shame" which I can repay (proactive nature) and making action you start to set up a power field and you're life starts to become a those of lasting enjoyment and satisfaction from the life, here on earth you're making yourself heaven (trough being "saturated" with the power).

    I recommend to everyone movie (where everything is explained even more clearly): "The Wisdom of Kabbalah" with the teachings of Rav Berg.

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Comment · pm1  · 4 years ago
BREAD OF SHAME is [basically] DEBT of yours / by being_born: here., into this World / where you repay it . by _establishing --- a purpose / http://foreverthemostimportant.com/The.Luciferian.Doctrine.pdf
#2/ ^ #0.1
Anonymous author  7 months ago · Reply
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