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Something sitting in throat and you think you can't breathe

Something sitting in throat and you think you can't breatheEdit

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Sensation of something stuck in throat – I've had it once, about week ago after the usage of amphetamine, today I'm having it after usage of coffee. To write more: it's the feeling about something "stuck" (or "sitting") in the throat and you're thinking you would suffocate in a minute (hard to breathe feeling). Like you've had a "ball" in throat.

What's the reason for it? Well, I'm finding it NOW. I've read couple of articles and people suggested that this is neurosis. Well, the hell NO – you must be funny to think like that.

I'm thinking that it's from the lack of basic supplements and nutritions where in food is very small amount of them and you're not fulfilling them enough. Drugs (any) cause in most cases washout of those precious elements. Organism has the power on it's own to synthetize any vitamin except the vitamin c (did you know that?). It's using fiber to do that. BUT, the main reason why you're lacking some vitamins (especially Magnesium + B6), is that the 'inner organism sickness' is causing highly increase usage of those vitamins, see the article for more: Extreme Tiredness? Feeling Tired. Eating sugar (refined) is also causing the loss of vitamins & minerals (notice that where you're eating "natural" products they have all the nutrients needed to pass the process of digestion without affecting organism).

Well, I have used 20 minutes ago 50 tablets (all packing, "sick" amount for most people) of Magnesium 33,3% / per tablet and 100% B6 (I don't know is it fully absorbed by the organism the form, but those tablets were the cheapest). Summing up: 1665% of RDA. I would finish the article in the next 2-3 hours. If the sensation would not pass, I have all other vitamins which I would use (all packing). It would means that other vitamin / mineral is the main reason of having it, because like this isn't the reason, that what is?

---- continuation

I've ate 60 tablets of vitamins (all packing), to ensure that the reason for "throat sensation" isn't magnesium (it isn't). Probably potassium or other microelement. BUT, after eating those 60 tablets I have spoted that each tablet contains ~0.170mg of dangerously toxic poison: fluoride. I couldn't vomit it and lacked the knowledge (here is the very best reason why knowledge is the most important thing you should have in life) about how to do: gastric lavage. To vomit I've took insane amount of MMS (40 droplets or more) and had "heixheimer reaction". I didn't know how much fluoride could kill you, so I was forced to call ambulance (again, 3 weeks ago ambulance was too).

The ambulance wasn't going on the signal, when I insisted too. Everyone was treating me like anything happened, besides NO ONE even didn't know what is fluoride. It's scandalic. I've gained knowledge how to make: gastric lavage. You take 5l of water and drink it in cups until vomiting (FORCE YOURSELF TO DRINK). It's very unpleasant feeling (specially in stomach). When I was in the hospital I was insisting to give me something to make me vomit. The doctor came after 2-3 minutes and he was doing "documents first" (scandalic!). He told me "suicide attempt" and I've laughted at him: "yeah, from vitamins; if I wanted to kill myself I would use for sure vitamins" – then he changed his mind and wrote something else on the paper.

After insisting to make me vomit, I've done that (it took about 40 minutes from taking tablets to vomiting or less), hopefully I've gave away everything.

Then I wanted escape to home, but thought that they would come for me if I do that. I waited for the doctor, they've send me a psychiatrist. Hopefully I always have with myself "persuation tools" like one of the stronghest pheromone in the world. I've risked to use it (didn't know if she was a man or woman). God thanks that she had an ovulation time, because otherwise I may not convince her that everything is okey with me (there is, but you know how "psychiatrist" look, it doesn't matter your opinion; it's sad reality especially in post-comunistic countries like Poland). Everything came clear. I was also instructed to sign something, psychiatrist told to me that it's that: "I don't give permission to stay here". I wrote line (with different black pen): "I don't give permission to stay here" and then signed (you can't give anybody POWER over your life).

I didn't knew that there was another doctor (normal doctor). I needed to get blood results, but when they were taking it I've asked by mistake (I shouldn't speak at that moment): I've asked – for drug tests?

Then after x time, she asked to do me drug tests. Paradoxically about drugs I know everything and I even had (have, but to sell) business with the last: www.testynarkotykowe.pl (domain real "diamond", something like – in English: drugtests.com) I've add some pee (to half) and added the rest water. As when amphetamine is in your body up to: 2-6 days (in urine), marijuana stays (is detectable): 14-31 days (very long). I don't use marijuana, I hate it, but on the New Year I was with my friends when they've smoked hash and MJ, a lot, so I was unsure that it could be detected (for sure was not). In addition: when you've got tests on blood practically when you're not "on" it's weak chance to detect any drug (but it may differ from drug). In hospitals sure is that they don't have "urine adulteration" kit to check if the urine is "valid" (not diluted). Remember this information.

Results have come, everything is okey. I've waited for a doctor and I'm home (3 new articles). I've got only problem with my mother in home (she would talk 3-5 days and should would do nothing). She's totally out of any knowledge. She doesn't needs any evidence (or accept, the worst thing you can have). I'm the total opposite of her. That is one of the reasons of what I've made a lifetime decision to gain as much knowledge I can and I've made myself a promise, that I would do the all what I can (or can't) do in life to become the total opposite of her. She wanted me to stay, that "doctors would help me". No comment. If you read my articles you know why. In the hospital and after she was given more concern what people would think or that the lady in the hospital is a neighbor of auntie...

POINT: never took anything in overdosage, because you don't know how ingredients it contains. It's better to take less than more (always). I've made a mistake, I commit that. Hopefully on future I would learn from this lesson.

I would need to eat those multivitamins to show that the causation for that is lack of probably: potassium.

BTW. My uncle is sick on high blood pressure and is going on surgery on open heart (bypass he would have). I've told him, to do: I've got high blood pressure, how to lower it (ex. 180/130 with pulse 60) and he could be healthy (+ stop smoking), but he has made a decision...

Update 2011-01-17: I've found that it happens all the time after I use any drug stronger than caffeine [including it] (stimulants) without nicotine. It seems that the only drug I can use is alcohol, but I can't use it, because of: Extreme Tiredness? Feeling Tired. It seems like the nature has found it's way to stop my usage of any drugs. Miracles happen when you set a goal. The problem passes away in one day, but yesterday I've used something stronger and it seems it would pass after 2-3 days (throat sensation and "can't breathe" effect).

Update 2011-03-07: It happens periodically again and again. I think that the causation of it is lack of some main nutrition (like: iodine) in the diet, because it always miraculously passes when I take e.g. garlic (eat whole). Also result for this could be (and for sure is): Extreme Tiredness? Feeling Tired or some parasite / bacteria (everything in the article). I think it's not the symptom of cancer (which causes the inner organism sickness, read the article), but would now check it by supplementing b-17 (destroys 100% as they say) on days. I sometimes don't put even notice on it, but sometimes I just have it and take no drugs. For sure it's not neurological, nothing is neurological (at least in my case and many other people). BTW. Why are people mentally ill? What's the causation of psychiatric symptoms? How to treat mental illness?. You must find natural replacement for vitamins (or like I prefer something from gym, trusted like Animal Pak, Universal), because they could have poor absorption (read: none). In my case it's probably the nutrients (one or combination of two or more, not identified yet), but I need to verify all the paths. Are you eating vegetables and fruits or only a lots of processed food? It passed when I started to eat a lot of fruit and vegetables.

I'm quite sure I've found a problem! The problem are PARASITES LIVING IN YOUR BRAIN (because I've had it only in night, I've found out). I've published a method to remove it permanently by removing the real causation of the problem. Please open article: Extreme Tiredness? Feeling Tired you've got solution there (part III).

I'm currently waiting for the stuff to clear this once and forever (where if you've got it also on day – the causation is very probably the same; please do it).


UPDATE 2011-04-01.



MY STORY. I was drinking ONLY mineral water for the last couple months. My health status dropped drastically. I've experienced: Something sitting in throat and you think you can't breathe. I'd also experienced many other symptoms like: muscle tension (not lack of magnesium!), blurred vision, hearth "problems" (let's say) and neurological things. I was drinking only mineral water and concentration of those "minerals" caused my organism to fell into a total disaster. I'd knew something was wrong with the water I drink*, because it was a "bad loop": all is excreted with water and you're taking water which is full of minerals – it went to a point that I was drinking water and dispose 5 minutes after drinking it, all the time. My health go to the almost of the bottom (thanks that I've found it and I live!). I've excluded every other reasons for those troubles and when I've switched to drink only tap water (currently) [no information about the water from the source], everything has changed diametrically. If you're drinking mineral water for more than 2 weeks you're in serious trouble. Think, how many people drink ONLY mineral water and don't know the reason of their problems... I've discovered this on myself, sensed it before, but today I've got solid confirmation on my assumptions.

* it also causes kidney stones to form (any mineral water, took in excess)


Your government wants to kill you (through spraying in night, when it's less detectable). Just don't go sleep and observe the skies in the night.

http://www.rense.com/general/need.htm [mirror.

Chemtrails, how to protect yourself.


2012-01-07. It's probably a parasite. Ascaris/tapeworm – who cares. I'm quite sure that when you would do: #parasites (wormwood+black hull nut+cloves, then 3,000-4,000mg [at once] of Q10, after that [as duty!] ozonated olive oil & l-cysteine in the dosages supplied in the article). After that you can be sure it would pass as it passed in my case.

You might also (unconsciously) suffer on Lyme.

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Comment · pm1  · 4 years ago
<AndyPSV> it passed; probably after "temporary" parasite cleanse
(http://path-of-power.com/extreme-tiredness-feeling-tired,1) as I've consciously did
<AndyPSV> fact is that all drugs (like amphetamine) I was taking on the night (taking day, but all night was
over); can't wait to treat this, would until that moment sleep at nights, to avoid "attacks" and to
sweep it all
<AndyPSV> here you've got the reasons why I did what I did:
,281 – Anonymous author  3 years ago · Reply
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